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Fiction Fantasies of Brian Jay Nelson – All Set to Give You the Best Entertainment

As the chaos in our daily lives continues to increase, people look for ways to escape. In some cases, we may even find ourselves confined to our home, so what better way to find good entertainment than in fiction fantasy? Author Brian Jay Nelson has created some amazing stories, in the Branchview Series. will direct you to all his works. 

Reading is a fantastic hobby, in that the amount of time and effort it takes for creators to prepare a book is unimaginable. They are creating a world that paints the scene right in front of your eyes as you read the words. As you explore all the books in the Branchview Series, a different world of mysteries will unfold. Readers will be glued to the storyline from beginning to end. Few writers can leave you looking for the next part of their story yearning for more.


If you are wondering why, you should read Brian’s fantasy books; at this time, when most of us are thinking about the global situation, life seems a little hard, and a good author can create a different world to escape letting the stress fade away.

Brian’s Branchview series is a sensational read where the interesting plots have left readers speechless. It will make you crave more of the story, as soon as you complete one chapter another interesting plan and strategy is going throughout the characters that keep readers intact to learn more about the Secret Society. There are hidden secrets and mystical characters who want to take over Branch Consolidated, but in the confusion, no one is able to stop the process. However, behind the scenes, secrets of the past, haunting the Branch lineage seek to eliminate every member of the family.


Who wins the battle and finds victory can only be concluded when you dive into the Branchview series, ‘The Unexpected Journey’, ‘The Epic Showdown’ and coming soon……’ ‘The Portal of Time.’

If this gives you a little idea about the writings of Brain Jay Nelson, purchasing his books will give you all the entertainment necessary to relieve the days’ stressed. His entire work is listed on you can read about the books and if they seem interesting, go ahead with the purchase.



  • Akash Singh

    Loved the concept, characters were well written, storyline was very unique. Author “Brian jay Nelson” did a great job in bringing out the best of this story. You literally cannot stop after once you start reading this story.

  • Raven Cooper

    Being a fan of the fantasy-fiction genre, The Branchview series left a huge impact on me. Massive respect to Brain Jay Nelson to create such a masterpiece.

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