The Story of Branchview


Lockeport Harbor


Branch Consolidated.

Over the years, many members of both the Locke and Branch families became corrupted and joined forces either directly with the Secret Society of Satan, or one of its many smaller affiliated branches. Near the turn of the twentieth century, Aaron Locke built an enormous temple complex in the center of town which he called The SOS Club, and it would house the meeting place of the New England chapter of the Secret Society. Its large circular windowed dome sat directly above the primary stage, or altar area of the building. The members would only meet once a month at the full moon cycle, and they were highly secretive affairs.  While many speculated what the building’s purpose may have been, the true purpose was a mystery to practically everyone living in Lockeport.

In modern times, Lockeport has remained a small, charming town that has preserved much of its New England coastal heritage. Its downtown consists of several quaint shops and a historical residential area with beautiful upscale Victorian-style homes that were built during the prosperous Gilded Age.

City Diner

It serves as the world headquarters for Branch Consolidated, a large conglomerate of businesses, and investments that grew from the initial business venture started by Addison Locke, and Merwin Branch.

Branch Consolidated is also the area’s largest employer. The City Diner, a classic 1950s style eatery, is a popular place for townspeople to gather and gossip over a modest meal. It’s operated by young Suzie McVea, who inherited it upon the untimely death of her uncle. Down near the water is the more upscale Mermaid Inn, where locals gather for a pleasant meal and late-night drinks in the lounge.

It’s owned and operated by Bob Hartley and was founded by his grandfather Donald Hartley, who was a local fisherman and artist. Donald painted the gigantic mural of the red-haired mermaid at the entrance to the establishment, which is said to be the likeness of Amphitrite. Local legend has it that Donald’s boat capsized in a large squall, and a beautiful mermaid that befitted she likeness rescued him.

Lockeport, along with Branch Consolidated, The SOS Club, The City Diner, and The Mermaid Inn can all be found within the pages that make up the magical, mystical world of Branchview

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