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The Story of Branchview

Penelope Locke Branch and Charlotte Locke (Sisters of the Mid Summer Moon)

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Penelope Locke Branch and Charlotte Locke are twin sisters born on July 25, 1945 on the eve of a full Mid Summer Moon. Their parents were Nathan Locke, the last surviving male of the Locke lineage, and his wife Louise Endicott Locke. The Locke sisters were beyond gorgeous, with raven black hair, and sparkling blue eyes. As they grew into young women, they became the objects of every young man’s desire, and every older man’s wish. Though identical in looks, the sisters were as different as night and day. Penelope inherited the light, benevolent soul of her mother Louise, while Charlotte inherited the dark, sinister soul of her father, who was rumored to be a high priest in The Secret Society. Nathan also passed along his hate of the Branch family to his favorite daughter Charlotte. Ironically, Penelope fell in love with Willian “Jack” Branch, the youngest of the two Branch brothers while both were still in high school.

As part of a crooked business arrangement, the older Branch brother Daniel II, blackmailed Nathan Locke to force Penelope into marrying him when she was only 19. He also did this out of spite, and hatred of his brother Jack. As part of the same deal, Charlotte was allowed to make a home for herself in the Branchview Cottage. Though married to Daniel, Penelope never stopped loving Jack. She still maintained her grace throughout the years, and was a regal representative in her role as Mistress of Branchview.

Charlotte never married, and her heart grew colder as she delved deeper into Black Magic and Witchcraft. Her hate and envy for her sister, and the Branch Family stoked the fires of her evil nature to the point of near insanity. Tragically, Charlotte burned to death on her 36th birthday in a fire at the cottage. The incident was ruled an accident, but always viewed as suspicious to those who lived in the world surrounding Branchview. Her death brought several years of peace to the Estate, but it is believed that in the year 2018, her spirit somehow found its way back to wreak havoc on the remaining lineage of the Branch family.

The Sisters of the Mid Summer Moon, Penelope and Charlotte, make up an integral part of the storyline in the magical, mystical world of Blanchview.



  • Paula Lopez

    I am now a big fan of Brian jay nelson’s work. This story has everything to make it, loved every characters, dialogues were on point. I cannot wait to read the next part.

  • Akash Singh

    The Branchview series is getting intense with every new part. Such thrilling twists and turns and great character building left me speechless. Already loving the new characters introduced.

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