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The Story of Branchview

The Epic Showdown – Synopsis

The Epic Showdown

In this passage of the Branchview series, Steven and Loraine continue their seemingly endless battle with witchcraft and the evil doings of the Secret Society. Simultaneously, they also take on the arduous tasks of unraveling the many related mysteries and dark secrets of the Great House that surface constantly, and almost without warning.

Along with their immortal allies Zeus, Poseidon, and Amphitrite discover the Secret Society’s lofty ambitions of seizing Branch Consolidated, destroying the United States, and establishing a One World Global Empire. Many unexpected twists, turns, and happenings will shape not only the fate of those in the world of Branchview but also in the nearby town of Lockeport.



When the rogue god Hades, and the spirit witches join forces to help the Secret Society carry out their dastardly mission, all hell literally breaks loose, and any efforts for the good seem jeopardized. The drama builds and culminates into an epic, supernatural battle between the forces of good and evil on the historic beach at Lighthouse Point. All this, while a massive hurricane churns in the waters just offshore.

Will this be the end of the Branchview legacy and the world as they know it?  Or will righteousness prevail? I will find all answers as you journey into the magical, mystical world of Branchview.

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