The Story of Branchview

The Lockeport Harbor

Lockeport harbor

Brian Jay Nelson


the grand staircase

Along the Atlantic coastline, just south of the Lockeport Harbor Lighthouse, and east of the vast expanse of the Branchview Estate, lies the private beach of lighthouse point. The cove there was once used to haul in materials for the construction of the Branchview mansion. The beach has one land access point; along the northeast side of the Branchview cliffs.

The granite stairway is said to have been built around the same time as the magnificent house and provides easy access to the beach from the pathway above.

The rocks below the cliffs are rumored to be the favorite resting perch for the immortal mermaid goddess Amphitrite, as she surveys her oceanic domain. Over the centuries, she’s been known to occasionally walk on land under many aliases, using her powers to help those in need. It’s believed that only those individuals who are extra intuitive, and pure of heart can see her in her true form. In modern times, she often walks among humans as Dr. Amy Seagraves. You’ll find her story, and the many tales surrounding the beach at Lighthouse Point among the pages that comprise the mystical world of Branchview.


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