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The Story of Branchview

The Portal of Time

Portal in Time Front Cover scaled

Brian Jay Nelson

In ‘The Portal of Time’, the continuing Branchview saga finds Steven and Loraine embarking on a new adventure. As the inhabitants of The Great House and the nearby Town of Lockport slowly piece their lives back together following the earthquake, tsunami, and ‘The Epic Showdown Battle’, all hopes lean toward a return to normalcy. But the status quo can never prevail where seeds of evil are sown. Though the spirit witch, Liddy McPherson is finally out of the picture, the consequences of her evil acts throughout the centuries continue to linger in the lives of the Branch family, and those closest to them. The sinister secrets of the past prevent old wounds from healing and present festering issues years after their occurrence.

When the wandering spirit of a young woman enters the house through a mirror portal in the South Wing Grand Corridor, yet another dark secret comes to light concerning the East Wing of the house. After Steven turns up missing, Loraine and the inhabitants once again call upon the immortal gods Poseidon and Zeus to help them. It is determined that another portal exists within the East Wing which can be accessed during full moon cycles. They theorize Steven had stumbled into it and disappeared somewhere in the spectrum of time. Through the joint psychic visions of both the immortal Metis and Suzy McVea, they eventually agree that Steven was transported to the year 1697. The only hope of bringing him back is to send someone else in to retrieve him. The gods decide that the best option for this arduous task was to recall the Spirit of Charlotte Locke from her isolated exile on the Island of Avalon.

While trapped in the colonial past, Steven and Charlotte witness the beginnings of the Secret Society in the New World, as well as the roots of the ugly evil that was to plague their families for years to come. Meanwhile, in the present, Loraine struggles to manage the household and discovers the horrible truth that others had wandered into the same portal over two centuries ago and were never seen or heard from again. All this is happening while Gerard, the gods, and their allies strategize to fight the ever-resurgent Secret Society. Will Steven and Charlotte ever make it back? Will the mounting complications ever be solved within the Great House? All answers can be found within the pages of the magical, mystical world of Branchview.


  • Akash Singh

    I was waiting for this part for a long time and finally got hands on my copy. My god!!! this story is something else. Author did a fantastic job yet again. I really liked the character of Lorrain. Great work so far!!!! Can’t wait for the next.

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